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The May Fable

“Green is the colour of your true love’s eyes” whispered a voice in my ear. I woke up started my voyage through verde Liguria in search for the mysterious girl. Blue was the sea, green the basilico on every window-sill. From one of them a dark haired girl smiled and invited me. An exquisite aroma came from the marble mortaio where the girl was mixing green basil leaves and white pinoli with grana cheese and olive oil. Water was bubbling on the fire, the girl with a swift flick of her elegant wrists tossed the trofie in the pot. “Let’s change colour for a short while…” she whispered, tempting me with a crouton topped by a splendid, purple Treviso radicchio crown with a salted almond. I savoured this delicacy and she smiled, tasting a Taggiasca olive. Then the Pesto was ready, and we shared it with delight. Later, mentre addolcivo my lips with a chocolate and almond biscuit from Tuscany, I looked at the girl’s eyes: they were green.

Italian Fable May 2017 box

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