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The Italian food box that changes your taste for life

Every month at your doorstep, a food box with a selection of seven traditional Italian products,
with our tips and recipes. Only 35€, free shipping on all orders.

The April Fable

Once upon a time i was walking in the Italian campagna, when I saw a white luminescence on the horizon. I walked on and…surprise: I saw a white, pure mountain of rice. As I looked with awe, a sweet voice whispered me: “Benvenuto in the reign of Carnaroli Superfino, our most precious rice. “ Carnaroli! Our best rice, seasoned as buon vino, then slowly refined and reintegrated with its precious gemma. The name evoked images of delicious, fragrant Risotto: che acquolina! Suddenly the voice said: “And Risotto will be…Risotto Nero!” Perfectly mantecato with nero di seppia, with the tantalising touch of few tangerine oil drops. A touch of Rizzoli Acciughe in salsa piccante on fragrant crackers and suddenly the taste of the sea was mellowing my soul. And … if I try them on the Risotto? “Try – said the voice – and you will become a bit more Italian”. Later, my mouth sweet and fresh of white chocolate and mint leaves, I let a mandarino pearl slip between my lips and thought “Italy, ti amo.”

Italian Fable box aprile 2017

How it works

Choose your subscription

3 months? 6 months? 12 months? You can choose! Or you can just give it a try and buy one single box. Click on Subscribe and follow the instructions. It’s quick and simple. Each box contains 6 high quality products selected for you, plus an additional surprise.

Get your box once a month

Subscribe by the end of this month to get your first box around the 18th of next month. Remember to check the deadline before to place your oder. Your Italian Fable has begun!

Try our recipes and enjoy

Together with the products and the additional surprise, you’ll find unique recipes and cooking tips inside the box. Learn Italian-style cooking, discover useful cooking secrets and tips, and enjoy delicious recipes! Welcome to our community: share your emotions with us!

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