Aulive e chiappariell 280g 12pcs

Diana, the owner of Italianavera, prepared for us a traditional recipe, most famous in the Italian cuisine composed of three typically Mediterranean ingredients: tomatoes, capers, and olives. The combination makes this sauce rich in flavor and simply irresistible, thanks to the selected olives from Gaeta and the capers from Pantelleria.

Italianavera is more than just a brand. It represents passion with a touch of femininity. The story begins with a woman, who had the luck of being born in one of the most beautiful territories in Italy, covered with vast fields of tomatoes.
“To all our products we want to transmit the flavors of a territory respecting their origins, their flavors and the seasons they are harvested. All this cannot be possible without love, the ultimate secret recipe in Italian cuisine”.

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Aulive e Chiapparriell is a natural tomato sauce made with only the best black Gaetan olives and capers from Pantelleria PGI. The recipe comes from a typical and traditional Neapolitan dish: the Puttanesca. Italianavera decided to call its sauce using Neapolitan terms by defining it as “aiulive e chiappariell” or better known as “olives and capers”. The best and most prestigious of all Italian olives, known as the black pearls of the Mediterranean, combined with the little gems from Pantelleria. A perfect representation of the genuine flavors of the Italian cuisine.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight3.360 kg
Dimensions26 x 20 x 16 cm

capers from Pantelleria, diced tomatoes, drenched black olives from Gaeta, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, salt

Suitable for

vegans, vegetarians


280 g