Classic Quadrì

We chose the “quadrì” by Figulì for you because they are perfect for spreading like creams or used as sauces to create unique and tasty croutons and dishes.

“Few and essential ingredients”, chosen for their valuable nutritional characteristics. This is the philosophy of Figulì, who chooses the Italian quality products such as extra-virgin olive oil and whole sea salt from Cervia’s salt mines.
A company proud of its Italian origins and their strong Venetian traditions which are all respected by ensuring a strictly all-artisan production. Figulì makes all of their products using exclusively stone-ground whole wheat flour.

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More than a dish in itself, it represents a moment to meet, to taste and of innovation: the Italian “aperitivo”. These croutons are the best way to fully enjoy the famous Italian fast food in a slow manner. They can be plain or flavored, thick or thin, and can be easily paired with any salty condiment or simply as a snack on their own.
Winners of the 2014 edition of the prestigious wine-tasting prize “Vinitaly Agri-food”, these snacks will simply conquer your palate with their simplicity and pureness. All recipes are made using excellent high quality ingredients such as the famous whole sea salt from Cervia as well as the excellent flour and olive oil used.

Ingredients: Stone-ground whole wheat, wheat malt, corn seed oil, Italian whole sea salt, active dry yeast