Fruits of capers in oil

We can’t wait to present to you another of the many Italian delicacies to discover together: the “cucunci”.


These are the fruits found inside the flowers of a caper plant. They are aromatic and tasty and reach they peak flavors when matured in marine salt.
The conservation of the “cucunci” in olive-oil enhances its flavors and enrich its unique fragrance. They are perfect when used as dressings for salads, to compliment seafood and fish dishes, and can even be used in pasta sauces.
Called the gold of Pantelleria, the capers and fruits of capers by Kazzen have been certified P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) due to their excellent quality and the fact that they are grown and harvested exclusively on the island, itself.
INGREDIENTS: fruit of capers, extra-virgin olive oil

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A company born with a dream. A family who decided to bring back to life an old family estate. A reality producing small artisanal gems so traditional to the island of Pantelleria. A production process so accurate that every step is followed with love, like that towards a son. It will only take you one taste to feel like you are in Pantelleria, between the agave and caper plants filled with typical scents that only the Mediterranean can offer.