Genovese Pesto without garlic 180g 12pcs

Genovese pesto sauce represents a culinary excellence in our Italian cuisine.

Leave yourself be surprised by Anfosso, a company since 1945 that produces with pride a pesto just like once-upon-a-time. Their recipes use only the highest quality ingredients, mashed by hand using only traditional methods. The result: an intense green pesto sauce with a vibrant basil fragrance and an unforgettable taste.
A product, awarded with the P.D.O. by the European Union, which will allow you to impress your dinner guests with a ‘primo’ that tastes like Italy, Liguria and home.

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Genovese Pesto

A typical sauce from the Ligurian region. The word “pesto” derives from the Italian word “pestare”, meaning crushing or mashing and therefore is a product of the mortar and pestle, rather than the food processor.
Pesto can be made using a variety of recipes but in Ligurian recipes, basil is the only variant. Ligurian basil, unique in its kind, is grown by the seaside and cultivated using traditional methods. Other ingredients in the recipe include cheeses, Italian pine nuts and fundamental of all, an excellent extra-virgin olive oil. A recipe using only earth grown products that when combined together will leave you with a unique experience.

Additional information

Additional information

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acidifier: lactic acid, cashew nuts, extra virgin olive oil, Genovese PDO basil, Grana Padano (milk, rennet, salt, lysozyme: egg protein), pine nuts, salt, vegetable fibre

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