Meditteranean tuna pesto with pistachio 220g 12pcs

We chose this tuna and pistachio pesto by Campisi because it represents a tribute to the Italian summer. A perfect balance between dominant flavors, freshness, and sweetness all found together in this unique product.

Campisi maintains their historical company built along the seaside and it’s their 5th generation that ensures that their fish preserves are all hand processed. Using only ancient methods for the desiccation and curing of fish, Campisi is identified as being unique in its kind for preserving, almost extinct, traditions. With Campisi products, you will soon be transported in a world filled of tales of seas, scents, passions, and the total respect for fishing.

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The tuna and pistachio pesto by Campisi, has been produced using exclusively genuine ingredients. Only the best Mediterranean tunas have been used and “pested” together with pistachios which give a final note of freshness and texture to the condiment. When tasted, your palate will be filled with lavishing flavors and full of Mediterranean aromas.

Great when served as a condiment with pasta dishes or also ideal to prepare delicious appetizers on canapes during a summer barbecue.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight2.640 kg
Dimensions40 x 32 x 26 cm

“Pachino” tomato sauce PGI, bell pepper, capers, onion, pistachios, red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, sunflower seed oil, tomato paste, Tuna fish


220 g