Organic tangerine drink

This special organic tangerine drink will let you discover the lost tastes of Sicily of the past.
A distinct taste, with a strong and persistent aroma and a bouquet of Mediterranean scents that are delicately revealed at each sip. A thirst quenching drink, perfect at any time of day.

Tomarchio: local citrus fruits, Etna’s water and old recipes

Sibat Tomarchio was founded in 1920 as a family business in Acireale, in the province of Catania.
Almost a century later, the farm has evolved into a modern structure, which makes use of the best Sicilian citrus fruits at km 0 and the water of Etna. At the same time, it preserves the family tradition using the same aromas and essential oils that have remained unchanged for over 100 years.
Its organic line is distinguished by the fact that it guarantees citrus fruit juices from Sicilian organic farming with IGP and PDO protection, with a percentage of juice higher than the average of the category.
Tomarchio BIO is therefore not a simple line of organic beverages but the result of an important supply chain project born from the collaboration with the main consortia of protection of the island.

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The tangerine of Ciaculli, presidium Slow food

The late tangerine of Ciaculli is produced in the Conca D’ Oro near Palermo and matures in March, later than the traditional production.
This variety of tangerines dates back to the 40’s, following a spontaneous mutation of tangerines grown in the villages of Ciaculli and Croceverde Giardina, in Palermo. This new variety ripened later from January to March and had only a few seeds, a very sweet juice and a fine skin.

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Additional information


Cane Sugar, carbon dioxide, citric acid, Etna water, natural aromas, Tangerine juice



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vegans, vegetarians