The monthly box – November

November: colors attenuate, flavors turn on. This month we have selected two creams to spread over bruschetta made by our friends from Agricola del Sole: black truffle and porcini mushrooms pesto and handmade Red Radicchio spread from Treviso. We never succeed in choosing the best one. Seat in four and taste them!

Now boil water, add a pinch of salt and imagine to lay between Tuscany hills. Vada in front of you: tagliatelle of Vallino’s capital. Then straight to Borgotaro, located in Emilia, where you will find a delicious porcini mushrooms sauce. But… now timer is ringing! Drain tagliatelle, add some sauce. It’s time to break and to be conquered by this dish’s fragrance, let’s eat!

Have you lost your energies? Here are two beautiful products to reward your palate: seasonal oranges, but dehydrated and truffles…chocolate truffles!

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