Trofiette 0.5kg 12 pcs

Troffiette are considered one of the most typical pasta types originating from the Ligurian region. We chose this pasta because it simply defines the perfect combination when served with Genovese pesto sauce.

The artisanal process begins with the selection of the primary ingredients. The process of drawing the pasta using bronze wiring, allows the pasta to have a porous yet course structure. This creates a perfect combination when served with sauces as it blends all ingredients together.
The desiccation process, as used years ago, is the most important step in the manufacturing cycle and fundamental in obtaining a high quality artisanal product. The company Valle Scrivio takes care of assuring that such processes are scrupulously followed making their product simply unique.

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Pastificio Fiore



The ‘Trofie”

This is one of the most common and historic pasta types in the city of Genova. Often handmade, the recipes for the ‘trofie’ vary from different neighborhoods of the city, and even from house to house.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight6 kg

durum wheat semolina

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vegans, vegetarians


500 g