Tuna Fish-Filled Bell Peppers

A classic flavor of the Italian cuisine brought to you by the company Delfino. With this recipe, you can enjoy the authentic and genuine flavors of a true Italian aperitivo.

Right after the war, Pasquale Battista opened a small laboratory of food preserves in Cetara, a small town in the Campania region. Anchovies were his main products and the pride and passion to produce these recipes continued up until the ‘90s.

The bond between the alchemy processing and Cetara has come a far away, and today as it was yesterday, the recipes continues thanks to Mr. Battista’s sons who, with unchanged passion, continue to maintain his traditions.
Today in the same, but evolved laboratory, all the different phases of the manufacturing processes are entrusted to the same traditional methods: from the selection of the raw materials, to the product control and process, to their final preparation. Each phase is carefully and vigilantly followed respecting todays production standards and current regulations. The methods have remained the same according to traditions, and the product is a result of this.

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Tuna fish-filled bell peppers

A classic recipe used during Italian summers. Peppers filled with tuna fish makes a genuine Mediterranean recipe with its decisive, but not so overwhelming, flavors. The peppers manage to emit their full flavors making your aperitivo an unforgettable experience.
Ingredients: hot chili peppers, sunflower seed oil, tuna fish, anchovies, capers, salt, wine vinegar. Acid correctors: citric acid E330. Lactic acid: E270. Antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid E300.