Eat like Italians do!

Our current monthly box gets a summer taste: Aperitif, main course and dessert free delivered to your table.
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3 tasty traditional Italian dishes, serving 3-4 persons each, that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes!

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7 delicious products, all easy to prepare. Chill your favorite drink and enjoy summertime with an Italian aperitif!

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Discover Italy through food

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More than 200 selected 100% Italian food producers brought to you directly at your home. No fake label, only genuine ingredients all in one hamper.

Every month 7 products all in one box

Every month get seven gourmet unique products selected from us, just for you.

Genuine food products, promoting authentic tastes

Quality takes time; our deliveries depend on our farmers handcrafting products following traditional procedures. Subscribe by the end of this month to get your first box around the 18th of next month.

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The summer fable

While I was gently dozing, lulled by the murmur of the sea, a hand gently touched my shoulder. I woke up in wonder: a green ancient Divinity was smiling at me. “Who are you?” I asked? “I’m the paccasassi, the sea fennel from the Conero promontory. Try my leaves, and you’ll be enchanted!” and offered me succulent and fragrant leaves in an aromatic extra virgin olive oil.

A whirlwind of taste, first carrot then lemon then again fennel, woke up my taste…and my appetito! So we sat alternating happily delicious crackers with paccasassi pesto and juicy peperoncini dolci filled with a spicy tuna crème, and finely ground dry tomatoes with aromatic herbs.

Now I was hungry, so my host offered me the very top of taste and creativity: maccheroni quadrati generously sprinkled with a tantalizing tuna and pistacchio sauce. My host disappeared, and just in time: I had no intention to divide the dessert: almond pralines. Paradisiac. As all Italian Cuisine.

Happy customers!

La crema di radicchio... una meraviglia! Le trofie mangiate in Spagna: come fare bella figura con pochissima fatica - qui con una pasta di ottima qualità e un vero pesto, si mietono vittime

Lucia - Minorca

My favourite detail is that meals are chosen seasonally! Brad and I got to try a May selection, which was inspired by the everything spring and green. Buonissimo!

Julia - Vikalinka blog

What a great surprise! I received the Italian Fable box & dinner will be ready very soon tonight.

Maria Stella - Frankfurt

Hi - got your food box! Looks awesome. Our son tested the biscuits already - ottimo!

Alexander - Koln

Amazing package just arrived from Italian Fable - fabulous new subscription food service. Looks completely delicious!

Jamie - London

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