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The June Fable

There once was a Lady who owned a wonderful vegetable garden. One day an old woman suddenly appeared among the onions, the carrots and the tomatoes, carefully choosing and almost caressingly picking up the vegetables. “I am the fairy nonna of your garden”, said the sweet old woman to the Lady “and I’m going to teach you an Italian secret: the italian Finto Ragù. The Lady watched as the old nonnina moved swiftly her hands, and magically a fantastic sugo appeared on the Lady’s table, tasty, delicate, fragrant. The fairy nonna smiled at her wonder and sat with her. From her magical grembiuleshe materialized a delicious pesce spadacream and aromatic fennel crackers, then some curiously shaped olive-looking fruits, smiled and said “Enjoy!”. The lady puzzlingly looked at the little dark green fruits, and the old lady said “Cucunci!”. The Lady’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Fiori di Capperi” explained the smiling grandma. Suddenly the table was covered with true Mediterranean delicacies, whose delicious smells were already tantalising the Lady’s nostrils. She did not resist long, and indulged in the banchetto under the smiling nonnina eyes. An almond crème on butter cookies was the fairy grandma’s parting gift: the sweetest gift from the sweetest Italy.

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Try our recipes and enjoy

Together with the products and the additional surprise, you’ll find unique recipes and cooking tips inside the box. Learn Italian-style cooking, discover useful cooking secrets and tips, and enjoy delicious recipes! Welcome to our community: share your emotions with us!

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